Paper / Digital File Systems

Do you have multiple piles on your desk because you are afraid if you put something away you may never find it again?

Are you a business that has thousands of digital files that just get saved under generic folders never to be found again?

Paper is still the number one problem people struggle with on a daily basis when it comes to being organized.  The cost for businesses to recover a lost file has been estimated around $100.  We can help you create a system that can eliminate the stress of finding what you need.

In this ever changing world of technology we live in, digital files are also becoming a new source of clutter that people need to maintain.  We can help you or your business create a structure that works in conjunction with the needs of your family or employees so that everyone can find what they whether it is on a computer, server, tablet or in the cloud.

The ease of being able to find the information you need quickly whether at home or on the road will reduce your stress, give you more time to get things done, and increase productivity.


 Before                                        After