Are all your bright ideas going down the drain?

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As I was taking a shower one morning I remembered seeing a great idea in the HGTV Magazine that my husband brings home from work (he’s in the TV industry).  My friend Joanne from New World Office once told me that studies show our greatest ideas come to us when we’re in the shower or driving our car because 0ur minds do not have to focus as much during these activities.  Since I ran from the shower to my iPad with five items to add to my to-do list this morning, I would have to agree with the fact that some of my brightest ideas come to me while in the shower!  So I wanted to share this product that I think is a genius idea – it’s called Aqua Notes.  Not only can you put all those great ideas you have in the shower on “paper”, but their website also suggest leaving notes for family members who may share the bathroom with you.  As someone who grew up on the water and spends a lot of time on motor and sailboats, I love the idea of having a place to write things down on our boat – perfect for sailboat racers who need to write down their course!

Here is a link to the in-shower to-do list so you never forget your bright ideas again:

For more bright ideas on how to get organized visit

Is your home office stressing you out?

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I have to admit keeping my home office as organized as my former corporate office was, is no easy task. I’ve been working on my filing system and emptying out my paper in-box. Keeping our family files and to dos in line with my business tasks takes a lot of organization! But I feel the stress lifting as that paper in-box empties out and the bottom of my email in-box is visible.

There is a great blog posted in a NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) newsletter from NAPO Chicago that may help you with some tips on how to keep your home office organized:

1. “Remove anything that isn’t office related

2. Buy a 3-tier inbox with labels

3. Remove everything from the top of your desk

4. Store your supplies… in separate, dedicated drawers.”

Please click on this link to read the whole NAPO Chicago article by Schae Lewis: 4 Ways to De-Stress Your Home Office